Contact Lenses & Specialty Lenses in Georgia

Contacts & Specialty Lenses at Classic Vision Care

We put your clarity and convenience front-and-center with our contacts and specialty lenses. We have a wide selection of comfortable lenses that will keep your vision at its best, while allowing you more flexibility for the things you love. No matter what your vision and eyes need, we’ve got you covered with quality contact lenses at Classic Vision Care!

Lenses Selected and Perfected for You

Our doctors are experts in contact lenses and are excited to find the pair that best complement your eyes and vision. We’ll assess your eyes during a thorough contact lens exam to gain a complete picture of your eye health. Once we know if you have any front-of-eye conditions and understand your lifestyle and prescription needs, we’ll walk you through our recommendations so you can have sharp, comfortable vision!

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A Variety of Contact Lens Options

Each pair of eyes are different, so we offer a variety of options to support everyone’s ability to see clearly without glasses. We have soft hydrogel-silicone lenses for seamless daily wear, and hard lenses for more specialty needs. And because we personalize our exams and fittings, the option best for you will be sized and set exactly to your unique eyes for superior sight and feel!

Specialty Lenses

We offer a selection of specialty contact lenses to serve different kinds of eyes. These include scleral and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses for sensitive corneas; contacts to manage children’s myopia; and toric lenses for oval-shaped corneas caused by astigmatism. We also carry lenses that do double-duty for you, such as multifocals that have several focusing powers in one lens, and hybrid lenses that combine comfort and clarity with a soft outer edge and a hard center.

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See for Yourself — Schedule Your Contact Lens Exam!

We’re here to help you see clearly with the convenience and comfort that contact lenses offer. Schedule your contact lens exam today to get started!


Shaun Curran
Shaun Curran
October 28, 2022.
Tonya was amazing - been a customer a year ago and needed new frames but now sure what style. She helped me with styles that fit my face and styles that are up to date fashion wise. Super helpful and professional!!!
Tracy Rex
Tracy Rex
September 14, 2022.
Tonya was a great help and spent a lot of time helping me design my new pair of glasses. I appreciated her assistance. Good options available too.
Winsome Anderson
Winsome Anderson
August 8, 2022.
Excellent. Customer service was at the highest level
Suzanne Martin
Suzanne Martin
March 25, 2022.
The young man who helped me with my retina exam prep for Dr. Keely was was very professional, very easy to work with, personable and gave me some valuable information. He is a top notch associate.