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Astigmatism Testing Treatment

in Marietta and Kennesaw, GA

Correcting Astigmatism with Classic Vision Care

Astigmatism isn’t just frustrating because it blurs your vision and affects your daily life: it’s also a trickier eye condition that isn’t always solved by standard glasses or contact lenses. Thankfully, we don’t just offer specialty eyewear for astigmatism, we have several solutions and make sure you’re taking on the world with the sharpest sight you can have!

What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common eyesight imperfection that your eye doctor can correct. It involves poor focus at all distances. Astigmatism symptoms include distorted or blurred vision, eye strain and even headaches. Left uncorrected, the symptoms can worsen over time.

People with astigmatism can also have other eye complications like short-sightedness (myopia) or long-sightedness (hyperopia).

The front of your eye — your cornea — is like the round front of a camera that lets light in and focuses vision. If you have astigmatism, your cornea is misshapen, which can distort eyesight at multiple distances. It’s different from myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness) because with those conditions, the cornea is too flat or too long, while astigmatism makes the cornea more of an awkward oval or football shape that’s harder to correct.

Astigmatism symptoms
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What Causes Astigmatism?

Astigmatism comes with all of the same difficulties that myopia and hyperopia bring: blurry eyesight, difficulty carrying out daily tasks ranging from reading to driving, and symptoms like headaches, eye strain, and poor vision in extra bright or dark situations. But astigmatism comes with the added challenge that, especially with more severe cases, the standard glasses and contacts offered by most eyewear providers can’t deliver full correction.

Thankfully, there are plenty of astigmatism eyewear options — and we carry them!

How To Test For Astigmatism

The first step in an astigmatism test involves a comprehensive eye exam. A comprehensive test checks for everything affecting eye health. We take detailed images of the inner eye, examine the reflection off your retina, and determine the exact curvature and thickness of your cornea.

Along with detecting astigmatism, our advanced diagnostics allow us to screen for any other potential factors affecting your vision. Once we have identified the cause of your symptoms, we will know if any additional eye exams are required. From there, we can then recommend the best corrective solutions for your needs.

Technology to Diagnose Astigmatism
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Specialty Lenses for Astigmatism

If you have astigmatism, you may not be used to wearing contacts because of having “hard-to-fit” eyes. However, we have specialty lenses to give you the clearest vision and supreme comfort! These cutting-edge contacts make seeing your best while enjoying a flexible lifestyle a cinch — and we’re proud to have several types to choose from.

Toric Lenses

Toric Lenses

Many people with astigmatism cannot wear traditional contacts because of their elliptical-shaped cornea, but that’s where toric lenses are different. These specialty contacts are designed specifically to adhere to your unique corneal shape, which makes wearing them easy — and their clarity even better!

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Hybrid Lenses

Hybrid Lenses

We offer SynergEyes® Duette hybrid contacts, which contain a soft edge for supreme comfort, and a hard middle for exceptional vision. This allows them to take on more defined shapes for even more dramatic astigmatism correction. They also boast a UV-protective lens to shield your eyes from the sun, and comfort that makes them a breeze to wear daily.

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Ortho-K Lenses

Ortho-K Lenses

In some cases of astigmatism, ortho-k contact lenses can be used to correct your vision, and even slow astigmatism’s progression, without needing eyewear during the day. You wear these custom-fit specialty lenses as you sleep to painlessly reshape your cornea for clearer eyesight the next day.

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Glasses for Astigmatism Treatment

Change your lenses, not your lifestyle! While you may need glasses for astigmatism, we make it our business to offer eyewear options that can be customized for your prescription. Your glasses can be as eye-catching or budget conscious as you need them to be. You can opt for additional treatments, such as blue light blockers and prescription sunglasses, to reduce eye strain all year round.

If glasses are not your style, our cutting-edge technology makes it possible for you to get contacts – even with astigmatism. Standard contacts have not traditionally catered for “hard to fit” conditions. But with three different lenses specially designed for corneal issues like astigmatism, we can offer optimum flexibility.

Eyeglasses for astigmatism
Eyeglasses for astigmatism

LASIK for Astigmatism Treatment

LASIK surgery is a treatment option that involves applying a laser beam to reshape the cornea by removing unwanted tissue. LASIK can correct astigmatism and a number of other conditions. While it is considered a relatively safe procedure, LASIK surgery may not be suitable for everyone.

If you’re interested in exploring this option, call us or book an appointment online for professional advice.

Eyeglasses for astigmatism
Eyeglasses for astigmatism
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Why Choose Classic Vision Care?

Though astigmatism is a condition many eye doctors can address, our Classic Vision Care team prides itself on being able to offer not just the best options, but a wide selection of them. No two sets of eyes are the same, and we use our personal approach to eye care to ensure your eyewear is perfectly suited to you. With our optometrists in your corner, you won’t have to just accept astigmatism — you can thrive with superior sight!


Shaun Curran
Shaun Curran
October 28, 2022.
Tonya was amazing - been a customer a year ago and needed new frames but now sure what style. She helped me with styles that fit my face and styles that are up to date fashion wise. Super helpful and professional!!!
Tracy Rex
Tracy Rex
September 14, 2022.
Tonya was a great help and spent a lot of time helping me design my new pair of glasses. I appreciated her assistance. Good options available too.
Winsome Anderson
Winsome Anderson
August 8, 2022.
Excellent. Customer service was at the highest level
Suzanne Martin
Suzanne Martin
March 25, 2022.
The young man who helped me with my retina exam prep for Dr. Keely was was very professional, very easy to work with, personable and gave me some valuable information. He is a top notch associate.


Does Astigmatism Get Worse With Age?

Astigmatism may worsen over time, particularly in combination with other eye conditions. Age can also cause changes to the shape of the cornea.

Some symptoms, such as poor night vision, can be associated with other age-related eye disorders like cataracts and glaucoma. If you have astigmatism, regular eye checks are necessary to keep track of any changes affecting your eye health.

What Does Astigmatism Look Like At Night?

At night, your pupils dilate in order to let in more light. For people with astigmatism, this means more light reflected irregularly on the retina. You may experience acute glare from lights, or see them with halos, streaks or lines radiating outwards in a starburst effect. When you’re driving, glare and blurred vision can pose a serious safety risk.

Glare or halos may be caused by other conditions, such as cataracts. It’s important to get your eyes checked by a professional to be sure.

Classic Vision Care provides cutting-edge treatment for astigmatism in Atlanta, Georgia, with clinics in Kennesaw and East Cobb.

Call us or book an appointment today.

Can Astigmatism Cause Headaches?

Astigmatism can indirectly lead to headaches because of eye strain. Due to the irregular shape of the cornea, your eye has difficulty producing clear images. You may squint as the eye constantly works to offset blurred vision. The strain on the eye and muscles around the eye can trigger headaches.

Headaches and eye strain are also associated with other eye issues, from long and short-sightedness to more serious conditions. A simple eye check can help to determine the cause. With the right corrective treatment, headaches from eye strain can be resolved.