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Computer Eye Strain

Care for Computer Eye Strain

So many jobs these days require you to be staring at a computer screen for hours at a time. Over time, this extended exposure can lead to computer screen eye strain and take a significant toll on your eyes. Classic Vision Care stands at the cutting edge of eye care and is equipped to diagnose and treat computer eye strain. With our help, you can have long-lasting relief for your eyes.

What Is Computer Eye Strain?

Computer eye strain syndrome is caused by exposure to blue light for extended periods of time. Blue light comes from your computer monitor, your mobile devices and tablets.

It can also be caused by having to focus on your screens. Think about how small your smartphone screen is and how small the text is as you scroll through a website.

Computer Eye Syndrome

There are many different symptoms of eye strain from computers. They include:

  • Struggling to focus on the screen.
  • Tired eyes from staring at the screen for too long.
  • Red and irritated eyes.
  • Dry and fatigued eyes.
  • Headaches behind the eyes, or double vision.

While these symptoms, at first, may feel annoying, over time, they can severely impact your productivity and health.

What is computer vision syndrome?
What is dry eye?
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Could you have dry eye?

Do You Have Computer Eye Strain?

Do you have any of the symptoms mentioned above? Come into Classic Vision Care for a comprehensive eye test.

We can conduct a detailed examination of your eye to give you a better picture of your vision and your eye’s wellness.

We can investigate your current eyewear, your medical history and your current work/life balance, to fully understand the issues surrounding your eye and your vision issues.

What Treatment Is Available For Computer Eye Strain?

Everyone’s screen usage looks a bit different, and our treatment for its effects will be tailored to your individual habits. During a comprehensive eye exam, we’ll gather in-depth information about you and your symptoms with the help of advanced technology. Once we diagnose you with digital eye strain, we’ll suggest lifestyle adjustments and get you into the right screen-friendly eyewear for your unique prescription.

Ultra-Precise Vision Prescriptions

Ultra-Precise Vision Prescriptions

Computer vision syndrome’s effects worsen if you have the wrong prescription, or your glasses sit poorly on your nose. We’ll fix these issues by measuring your pupillary distance, optical center, and segment height to readjust where your glasses sit, and we’ll also use our autorefractor to generate a precise prescription for your lenses. We’ll then craft your compensated lenses after choosing the right materials to optimize your vision!

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Blue Light Eyeglasses

Blue Light Eyeglasses

Not all blue light glasses are built equally — for the best protection, you need ones that block the correct waves of light, and many storebought options just aren’t up for the job. Our blue light glasses employ fortified blue light-blocking technology to keep your screen time comfortable and your eyes safe. Plus, we’ll customize these lenses to your favorite fashionable frames!

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Blue Light Sunglasses

Blue Light Sunglasses

While the sun's blue light isn't a concern on its own, it can add up when combined with hours of screen time. Blue light sunglasses reduce overall exposure to straining blue light to help you enjoy all of your favorite activities with ease and peace of mind. And with our stylish collection of the latest sunglasses brands for you to choose from, you can stay fashionable and protected outdoors!

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Personalized Management

Personalized Management

Aside from finding the right eyewear for your sight prescription and daily life, we’ll discuss other tips and tricks with you to help manage your computer vision syndrome. Some of these include scheduling breaks from your work to let your eyes rest, adjusting your environment’s lighting, and making sure your eyewear sits on your face comfortably. We’ll also learn about your screen time habits to personalize our guidance so you can have maximum relief.

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Why Choose Us?

Our digital eye strain treatment isn’t one-dimensional — we take care to address all the factors impacting your eyes. With specialty glasses and individualized ways to improve your symptoms, we’ll shield you from the negative effects of computer eye syndrome. And when it comes to eyewear, we’re dedicated to quality control, so what you see at home will match how you see in our chair. This means the glasses you choose here, made of the finest materials and fitted exactly to your face shape, will always be the ones you receive.

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Why choose classic vision care?

Our Other Eye Care Services

Classic Vision Care has a range of services to help with the care of your eyes.

Diabetic eye care – it is vitally important, if you have diabetes, to have your eyes checked regularly. Unchecked, diabetes can have a significant impact on your eyes and eyesight.

Myopia – commonly referred to as nearsightedness, this is a condition that develops early in a person’s life. The sooner you diagnose, the sooner we can help clear your vision and have you reading the world.

Macular Degeneration – this serious condition affects older people, where the macula, a key part of your retina, can be damaged, causing central vision blindness. Often, you don’t know you have this condition until it has already caused irreversible damage, so early detection is the best solution.

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Classic Vision Care eyeglass selections

See What People Are Saying

Shaun Curran
Shaun Curran
October 28, 2022.
Tonya was amazing - been a customer a year ago and needed new frames but now sure what style. She helped me with styles that fit my face and styles that are up to date fashion wise. Super helpful and professional!!!
Tracy Rex
Tracy Rex
September 14, 2022.
Tonya was a great help and spent a lot of time helping me design my new pair of glasses. I appreciated her assistance. Good options available too.
Winsome Anderson
Winsome Anderson
August 8, 2022.
Excellent. Customer service was at the highest level
Suzanne Martin
Suzanne Martin
March 25, 2022.
The young man who helped me with my retina exam prep for Dr. Keely was was very professional, very easy to work with, personable and gave me some valuable information. He is a top notch associate.


How To Prevent Eye Strain From Computer

Here are some tips to help prevent eye strain from your computer use:

  • Make sure the lighting is set up correctly. Reduce glare reflecting off your screen, and use more ambient lighting around you.
  • Adjust the brightness settings on your monitor to a comfortable setting.
  • Position your screen around 20 inches from your eyes at a comfortable eye level.
  • Consider using an anti-glare shield.
  • Take regular breaks, looking away from your computer screen at something in the distance, at least 20 feet away.
  • Consider blue-tint glasses.
  • Get regular eye checks and practice good sleep habits where you don’t look at a phone screen just as you go to sleep.
What Is Digital Eye Strain?

Also known as computer eye strain or computer screen eye strain, refers to a group of eye-related symptoms, including dry and red eyes, blurred vision and headaches. These are caused by focusing on computer screens, laptops and other devices, for long periods of time.

How Far Should Computer Monitor Be From Eyes?

We recommend about 20 inches from your eyes is a good distance.