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Everyone loves getting a new pair of glasses! It’s great to have an updated prescription, and wonderful to get a fresh perspective by enjoying perfect vision. But let’s be real; we all know that the part we love the most is shopping for attractive, trendy new frames.This year there are some really exciting eyewear styles on the market, so today we thought we would share the latest eyewear trends with you!

  • Fly High with Aviators. These lightweight and refined frames are a much-loved classic. Created with fine-wire metals and that iconic teardrop shape is always a favorite, and in 2019 that shape is evolving, with square and round shaping available in both metal and acetate, adding even more finesse to this timeless eyewear statement.
  • Eye-catching Cats-Eye. Audrey Hepburn made this style immortal when she wore cats-eye sunglasses in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, and girls have dreamed of donning a pair every since. 2019 has brought oversized and slightly exaggerated cats-eye eyewear to the forefront of fashion.
  • Go Crystal Clear. This trend is perfect for every season. With translucent acetate frames, you can complement every look, all year long.
  • Who Says Geometry Is Boring? Geometric eyeglasses and sunglasses are one of the hottest trends this year. Go square and release your inner geek. In 2019, it’s chic to be geek!
  • Go For The Gold. The hot color trend for 2019 is gold. Choose fine-wire metal frames in opulent hues of this rich color for an effect that is pure luxury and class.
  • Scholars, Unite! Round and scholarly glasses are one of the year’s top trends, and you can add thick and oversized sunglasses to that list.
  • Save The Tortoises. Tortoiseshell eyeglass frames have been around for a long time, but there’s a twist in 2019. Blue tortoiseshell acetate frames are a Thing, and they add a trendy twist to any look.
  • Nineties Nostalgia. The oval eyeglass is back, and available in many exciting materials. You can choose elegant fine-wire metals, thicker plastic frames, or ultra-trendy acetate glasses that simply exude a 90s sensibility.

Here at Classic Vision Care, we love to help our clients find the perfect eyewear for their personality and lifestyle. Call us today for your next eye exam, and then let’s go shopping for the latest eyewear trends!


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