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It’s important for your confidence and sense of self to choose just the right pair of frames for your glasses – you want them to look right for your face and express your personality. We generally leave the lenses to the optician and focus all our attention on those frames. While finding the most stylish pair, don’t forget that comfort is an important consideration, too!Here are a few tips to help you in choosing the most comfortable glasses for you:

  • Consider your nose. Most of us are very familiar with our noses, but we might forget that it plays an important role when it comes to eyewear. After all, it is the main support. The thickness of the bridge of your nose will determine how firmly different types of frames will fit as well as how far the lenses are from your eyes. Some frames have adjustable nose pads, and others do not. For the most comfort, make sure that the frames you like don’t pinch your nose or slide down – they may look great, but that won’t matter much if they are uncomfortable.
  • Think about size. If lenses are too big or too small, that alone can affect the amount of work your eyes will be required to do, and may actually cause eye strain instead of lessening it.
  • Don’t forget your ears. Since they are the other support factor for your frames, make sure that the pressure your frames put on them isn’t going to be a problem over time. Too much pressure can cause headaches, while frames that fit too tight can rub your skin, causing redness and pain.
  • A bad reaction. Fashion will dictate the material used to create those gorgeous glasses you like, but your body composition may not agree! If you experience irritation when your skin comes in contact with certain metals or materials, you are going to learn to hate the glasses you loved at first. Always let your eye care professional know if you have had poor experiences with other types of glasses and their materials in the past so that he or she can advise you properly.

We are here for you when it’s time for you to choose new glasses. Call Classic Vision Care for all your vision needs.


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